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    We teach the benefits of good manners and social skills so that the child understands why certain behaviours are expected of them. Once they understand this, their response becomes intrinsic instead of extrinsic. Due to the sucess of the franchise and being accepted into schools as a co-curricular subject, the demand for an online version became essential.


    Manners Worx exists purely to help create a foundation for more socially successful children through exciting, interactive lessons, educating parents and participating in school curriculums. The creation of the online course will allow for greater reach.


    To be a global thought leader and teacher of the real world values and principles which make up a socially successful society. Participation in the programme will positively affect each child well into adulthood and stand him in good stead in becoming an effective citizen.

A few schools that endorse our programme

  • Discovery Fun Factory
  • Acorn Pre-Primary
  • Montrose
  • Honey Bees
  • Curro
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Introduction to Manners Worx

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Are you concerned about the influence you have of the responsibility of your child displaying good manners and social skills (which are essential in today’s world)? Would you like to ensure that your child is well prepared for living up to his or her full potential, unhindered by the lack of preparation in their social emotional learning?

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As leaders in assisting and supporting parents and teachers with the social skills and good manners required to be accepted into peer groups and play a positive role in the family unit, we have affected the lives of 1000s of children.  



Why Manners Worx Was Developed


    High costs of living have forced both parents to work and therefore the quality of time and parental supervision has diminished.


    Many single parent families exist where the parental role becomes pressured by time constraints, work pressures, homework deadlines and generally the stress of every day living.


    Technology, televisions and gaming systems in children’s bedrooms have isolated them, with a grave impact on social skills, and have resulted in a decline in the time families spend together.


    Cultural diversity and being part of the inclusion process is overwhelming for some children (and parents) and exposure to generally accepted mannerisms and etiquette is invaluable to many families.


    Parents have become child–pleasers and instead of children wanting to make their parents proud, we have parents who are living up to the expectation of their children!


    Our lifestyles have changed and the environments where these skills where handed over quite naturally in the past (family dinners, Sunday family get-togethers, etc.) has, in general, diminished.


by Acting Director General

Department Of Education

by Acting Director General

“On behalf of the Department of Basic Education may I take this opportunity to thank you for pioneering the Manners4Minors program. The DBE evaluation has confirmed that the program is aligned to the CAPS Life Skills curriculum for Foundation Phase.”
by Mr G. Bryant

Principal of Bedfordview Primary School

by Mr G. Bryant

“Manners4Minors has had a positive impact on the children at our school. On the playground and in the classroom the children are able to identify each others positive and negative behaviour by relating it to the puppets. The children are going home and telling their parents what they have learnt. This in turn helps parents at home, as well as the teachers at our school, as the Manners4Minors lessons are impacting on our children. We are pleased to see a variety of materials and teaching aids used in the lessons, as this keeps the children interested and enthusiastic. They certainly look forward to their visit by Miss Manners. Thank you for a worthwhile programme and for ensuring that a large number of important topics are covered and taught.”
by Mrs. Sue Sage

iThemba Academy

by Mrs. Sue Sage

Manners4Minors has been very necessary for the children at iThemba Academy in terms of teaching them to interact with their peers in an appealing, appropriate manner. It has definitely introduced the children to the importance of considering those around them in order to receive social acceptance and appreciation from society. The Manners4Minors Reward Chart has worked well in our classes and the children are always excited to get their rewards each week according to how far up the star chart they have climbed.
by Mrs. Sylvia Buschberger

Montrose Primary School

by Mrs. Sylvia Buschberger

Manners4Minors has helped the learners realize that they are directly accountable and responsible for their own actions. The programme allows for authentic involvement using the Learners' experience as a Baseline for Development. We highly recommend Manners4Minors for the positive self-development of every child in the Foundation Phase.

The Result Of Manners Worx Course

We demonstrate to the children what reaction they can expect when they use the good manner or life skill being presented- and the reaction they can expect when they don’t! By being well informed and educated, the children leave with a clear understanding of the choice they have, and the consequence, – and, ultimately, if they make the wrong choice …. we have created CONSCIENCE because they know better.

  • Kindness

  • Respect

  • Self-Esteem

  • Compassion

  • Consideration

  • Willingness to please

  • Empathy

  • Conscience

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